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Hand Eyelet Pliers/Closing Tool Kits

For sale we are suppliers a range of hand held Eyelet Pliers for the setting and the closing of round brass eyelets , these setter tools fit large size eyelets , the small 4mm heavy duty hole punch to cut eyelet holes and pliers is for fitting smaller 4mm brass eyelets.Used for leatherworking tools and for Fabric.Also useful for Fixing in card and Paper.such as leather Belt and also best for eyelets used with Shoes/Boots also Canvas, Plastics , Fabrics, Vinyl and eyeleted fasteners and Gazebo Panel .for sale Ideal metal hole punch with reinforcement rings around holes to save any tearing and damage, sometimes called grommet pliers.Buy ome of these hand eyeleting tool machines have built in hole punch tools with these eyelet pliers sets available in stock.

How do these Eyelet Pliers/Machines Kits work?

After you buy your eyelet pliers here they work by the following instructions:

1) The eyelet is place in the pre punch hole 2) The the Die crimper Jaws on the plier forms the unfinished side this presses and closes the eyelet rings in place

Please Note No washers/back plates are need to secure the eyelet fitting in place.

Eyelets are sometime called Hollow Rivets , Washers, Metal Eye Rings

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Replacement Brass Eyelets

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4mm Heavy Duty Steel Eyelet Pliers with Hole Punch Set

This handheld Eyelet tool is an just like have a 2 in 1 an Heavy Duty Eyelet Plier with a build in eyelet hole puncher tool, used for closing brass eyelets and used for eyelet hole cutting will make holes your eyelet will fit, the kits comes with 100 Brass eyelets rings which fit a 4mm hole, with an 8mm outside diameter.

Special Price of £9.99

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                     quality eyelet plier with a built in hole punch tool

7mm Eyelet Pliers/Closing Plier Tool and a 100 Brass Eyelets Kit

A nice quality Hand Eyelet Setting Pliers tool used as pincers for closing and fastening eyelets into materials, the Eyelets for Fabric and Leather also soft plastic and Paper/Card to name a few!, you will need a hollow punch for use as a eyelet hole punch, the eyelet tool kit comes with 100 brass eyelets 7mm, which they fit a 7mm, with an outside diameter of 11mm

Special Price of £7.95

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                      larger eyelet tool with brass eyelets for used on leather

200 4mm / 7mm Brass Eyelets Rings

A pack of replacement Round Shaped Metal Brass Eyelets come in two size the small 4mm brass eyelets size and large 7mm round hole sized brass eyelets ideal for repairing work, and will fitting the correct size eyelet setting pliers we have listed on the page,Ideal for card / paper document fastening, also used for craft leather working projects.Ideal for reinforcing edges of hole in many materials and creating a smart finish, ideal for threading rope , lace and string for banners for example, and fit out eyelet closing pliers above.

200pc 4mm Spare Eyelets £3.49  Add to Cart

200pc 7mm Spare Eyelets £3.99  Add to Cart

              a pack of 100 brass eyelets in 7mm and 4mm hole sizes to fit our eyelet tools

Eyelet Pliers with Interchangeable Punch

These Hand eyeletter Pliers are a quality plier with 6 hole punches used to fit 4mm eyelet comes with 100 mixed colour eyelets including Brass , Nickel, Copper and Silver. This Eyelet Punch Plier is great for is great for leather belts as it's very strong.

Price £9.95

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4mm size Eyelets Pliers , this plier have 6 hole punches and an eyelet die jaws

 Budget 4mm Eyelet Fitting Pliers

These are basic eyelet pliers for just used to press and form the eyelets into shape, come with 100 4mm brass eyelet kit , these eyelet pliers require a additional hole punch.

eyelet pliers with brass eyelets

Eyelet Pliers for Slale

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7mm Eyelet Pliers
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